SOC Maturity Level Assessment

Most SOCs function below optimum maturity levels and are unable to detect advanced attacks, the lack of maturity makes an organization vulnerable. NOOSC helps your organization to quickly understand the maturity level of the security monitoring and incident response capabilities and overcome modern-day cybersecurity challenges. The assessment results are lists of the recommended actions that are targeted to grow your SOC to the next maturity level and maximize its efficiency.

The Challenges

  • Resource and availability are often a challenge when trying to assess the current posture of SOC capabilities.

  • If functions aren't regularly assessed it's impossible to know how effective they are.

  • Keeping up with the latest trends, technologies, processes, and intelligence becomes a luxury few can afford.

The Benefits

  • Gain an objective overview of the existing SOC maturity state and ensure well-informed decision-making towards SOC improvement.

  • SOC Maturity Assessment analyzes and assigns maturity levels to the assessed capabilities in order to periodically enhance and deliver SOC services at all levels.

  • Gain a detailed prioritized plan to reduce your organizational security risk with impactful improvements to operations.

Our Approach

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