Incident Response Plan

You won’t know where an attack on your information is coming from nor will you know when it’s going to happen. Planning ahead for your response to a cyber attack is key to quicker identification, mitigation, and recovery. NOOSC provides guidance to build a solid incident response plan around best practices regarding incident response process, and procedures. Helps your team to respond quickly, as effectively as possible, and implement a long-term solution to stop recurrences.

The Challenges

  • Security incident in which malicious insiders or external attackers gain unauthorized access to confidential data or sensitive information. Data breaches are one of the most common and most costly types of cybersecurity incidents. They affect businesses of every size, industry and geography — and they occur with frightening regularity.

  • Ranging from targeted destructive malware deployed by sophisticated threat actors to malware causing business disruption

  • Payment card theft, extortion, ransomware and more.

The Benefits

  • Give a detailed insight into how the system, processes and procedures followed while handling a security breach. It also improves the knowledge of threat detection and helps in building reactive responses towards the threat.

  • Help ensure that your organization follows all of the rules in your particular industry.

  • Minimize the duration and damage of security incidents.

Our Approach

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